Sunday, September 11, 2011

Exciting notebook accessories you need to look

The common usage of laptops is precisely why numerous laptop or computer companies have released a variety of notebook computer addons along with other components that doesn't only improve the users processing experience but in addition make using a laptop more secure. Let`s have a look at some of the most exciting notebook accessories you can get:

Surge Protection: Your laptop is definitely an expensive tool and it runs on power. Most of the time, you use the power adaptor with the wall outlet to charge it. However, an unexpected electrical power surge can damage your notebook`s motherboard. This is where a surge protector can help you. Just use it between the wall outlet and the power adaptor for an additional level of safety. It`s light, portable and may be took close to inside your notebook bag.

Cooling down Stand: Notebook computers are notorious for their heat when you use them for long duration. Although notebooks or laptops (as they say it) are meant for using on lap, it`s not actually possible to do so unless you use a cooling stand between your notebook and you lap. A notebook cooling stand will keep your notebook cool with a built-in fan. Furthermore, some cooling stands may also improve the cooling convection and help your laptop save power. If you're doing work for very long duration on notebook, cooling stand is needs to have for you.

Bluetooth GPS navigation: A Bluetooth GPS (Global Positioning System) is great for individuals who use GPS device to keep track of certain things. Though a full fledged GPS device might appear expensive for you, you can use this Bluetooth GPS together with your laptop through the help of and internet wireless modem and Google Map attached to your notebook. This functions just the same as cell phone with tracking devices, it will help you to tracking anything you want.

Notebook Bags: If you're techno junky and would rather carry your main gadgets as well as your notebook computer and it is gadgets, a bagpack is the just the one for you. Light in weight and stunning in design, a notebook bagpack enables you to bring your digital world around together with you.

How to keep notebook alive without having adapter

Without having AC charger/adapter, you might seem like your notebook is close to useless. In fact, you don't only not have a way to charge battery within your mobile computer, you don't even have a way to operate your laptop using a wall outlet. While technology are now being developed every day in the area of mobile power solutions, there aren't many existing alternatives to charging your laptop battery without having a charger. In case your problem is basically that you are without your original charger, here are a few workarounds you can look at that may keep the laptop humming. Remember, they will cost money and call for an advanced purchase, in which particular case it may be just as cost effective and easy to purchase a new charger from your laptop's manufacturer.

Start using a general power adapter. Using this perhaps the most obvious answer to your battery power problems. Readily found at most retail outlets that carry electronics, a universal power adapter can range around price from $30 to $100.The adapter comes with multiple tips, one of which will likely fit your laptop's charging port. When connected, the adapter won't only power your mobile computer, but will charge its battery as well.

Start using a general auto/air adapter. If you a person who usually spends a longer period inside your vehicle than at a desk, this can be the smart solution for you. An auto adapter is similar to a regular power adapter, except it has a modified end that plugs into your car's cigarette lighter. The adapter will help keep you powered whilst in your vehicle, and will simultaneously charge your laptop so you're ready for those occasions when you do have to leave your car or plane for the real world.

Purchase another notebook battery charger. They are stand alone units that don't connect into the laptop. Rather, you take the battery out of your laptop, attach it to the charger, plug the charger into an electrical outlet, and rejoice your battery that way. When completely charged, you reinsert battery back to your laptop. Additional battery chargers usually are brand name and model specific, so try and get one that matches your laptop's specs. One benefit to an external charger is that you can charge extra batteries without having tying up your notebook.