Tuesday, April 26, 2011

History of laptop

Nowadays anyone is familiar with laptop. In fact many of them already have one. But do you ever think how the evolutionary developments of the laptop until today? Many of us have encountered all kinds, shapes and variety of brands that produce laptops. The idea of the emergence of the laptop could not be separated from the idea of the emergence of computers. This is the beginning of the development of computer laptop. Most people want something very practical. And if you remember earlier times people still use a typewriter to type a very noisy when used, people kept thinking how so as not to disturb other people using the machine in performing their duties. Until finally to a computer, by still using Pentium technology, we can do various tasks digitally, and not disturb anyone because of noise.

However, their development did not stop there, they capture the distress of workers who must complete the entire task at home, but when night after work they should be resting. If you must bring a computer that was so great to work is impossible. For that thinkers act quickly to create a computer that can be taken anywhere called portable or laptop computer.

However, the laptop also has its own development, you know? Development of the laptop was very slow. New rapid movement occurred after the 1990's.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Laptops vs Computer desk

Laptops are generally owned by people, especially students. The form is smaller, thinner and lighter than the computer desk to give the impression that practical. Easier for us to complete the task, and if you do not have time at home, then you can take it. Unlike desktop computers, laptops have supporting components that are designed specifically to accommodate the portable nature of laptops or can be taken anywhere. The main properties owned by the composition of the laptop is small size, low energy consumption, and efficient. Can you compare with the energy needed by the computer desk, would be enormous energy needed for a computer desk, also of size, it is definitely bigger than a desk computer laptop.

But laptops generally cost more expensive than desktop computers. And we can understand this, right? Imagine you move all the components in the computer desk to the media more, even very small. It would be very complicated, right?